Shauna Steinbach

From left to right: Imprinter, Measuring Sticks, Basin, Untitled (with machine screws)

From left to right: Untitled (with machine screws), Basin, Dowser

Dripper I

Dripper II & Dripper III

From left to right: Death Bloom, Wetting Rack

A Circle is Always Self-Touching
205 Hudson Gallery, Hunter College
November 10 – 23, 2022

I installed seven Dripper(s) near the ceiling of the gallery. A few rhythmically dripped water throughout the day, unreliably counting time, impacting site navigation and transforming the surfaces below.

Basin, 2022
silicone, pigment, polystyrene, water
12 x 44 x 52 in

Water from a drip system collected in a central recessed area, producing a metronomic sound. The piece was dried each night.

Wetting Rack, 2022
fabric, ink, steel, water
120 x 30 x 35 in

For a duration of two weeks, water from a drip system slowly digested the ink on the fabric’s surface. The image on the left is from day 1. The right image is from day 14.

Untitled (with machine screws), 2022
mylar, peg hooks, machine screws, fan, light
120 x 35 x 45 in

This piece is activated by light and a small fan.

Death Bloom, 2022
steel, zip ties, waterproof sandbag, water
130 x 7 x 48 in