Shauna Steinbach

Untitled, 2022
concrete, plaster, pigment, polystyrene, foam coat, rope

Basin, 2022
silicone, pigment, polystyrene, water
12 x 44 x 52 in

Water from a drip system collected in a central recessed area, producing a metronomic sound. The piece was dried each night.

Wetting Rack, 2022
fabric, ink, steel, water
120 x 30 x 35 in

For a duration of two weeks, water from a drip system slowly digested the ink on the fabric’s surface.
Left: day 1 / Right: day 14

Slit (blue), 2022
concrete, pigment
31 x 7 x 10 in

Untitled (with machine screws), 2022
mylar, peg hooks, machine screws, fan
120 x 35 x 45 in